Domain Watch Documentation


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Use your Domain Watch credentials to sign in. In case you are new to this website, create an account. Or, in case you do not remember the password, click Password Reset.

login form

  1. After you have successfully signed in, you reach the following screen. Here, enter the domain name and the TLDs you want to track. For instance, you can watch the domain,, with all the possible TLDs.

add domain form

  1. Click the Watch Domains button.

add domain form

  1. On the next screen, you will see four buttons in the upper-left corner.

  1. The watch domains list indicates that none of the domain names is available.

In this example, in the Available column, there is a date below NO. This date specifies that the domain name registration will expire.

If a domain name is available, you can click to register the domain using the Purchase button.

  1. You can use the buttons in the upper-right corner to filter the search results.

Watched Domains: Click this to view all watched domains.

Pending Expiration: Click this to filter the expired domain names but are not yet available to be purchased.

Owned Domains: Click this to list the domain names that have been purchased.

My Available: Click this to list the domain names that are available to be purchased.