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Are you looking for new ways to deliver content to prospects and customers? The voice-activated devices made by Amazon, the Echo, and Echo Dot, can be helpful in this regard. More than 50 million Echo devices have been sold so far by Amazon, which shows that there is an increasing demand for these smart speakers that can perform a wide array of tasks through simple voice commands. They present an opportunity to create content for them to reach those who use them. Nowadays, you can find more than 525,000 active podcasts worldwide and Alexa briefings are just 5,000 in number.

Considering the number of potential listeners, this seems like a good content frontier. Plus, podcasters are able to build valuable relationships because they can reach people in homes through their voices on a regular basis. But, what exactly is a flash briefing?


What is an Alexa Briefing?

This refers to a prerecorded piece of audio content that can be delivered to prospects and customers on a routine basis. This content can be a daily idea or tip. Some popular ones include news updates, weather reports, and joke of the day, trivia skills or even word of the day. The purpose is to come up with a micro piece of content that could compel people to subscribe to it thereby allowing you to become a part of their daily routine.


What is a Podcast?

Simply put: a podcast is an audio program, just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your phone or computer and listen to it whenever you like. Once subscribed you will get the latest episode as soon as it comes out.